Gemma Moore

More about me

There's more to me than just my tech obsessions... and my love of the colour purple! Here's the bigger picture...

Private passions

  • Retro videogaming
  • Modern videogaming (XBL: Retrowench)
  • Digital photography
  • Drawing, sketching, doodling, colouring, bullet journalling
  • Crafting: polymer clay, crochet, card-making
  • Puzzles (Anything from Arrowwords to Tetris)
  • Reading: Novels, manga, American comics
  • Overindulging in nostalgia (80s/90s culture)

Retro Videogaming

I love old computer games and consoles. From the ones I grew up with (Commodore 64, Sega Master System, Super Nintendo and Sony Playstation), to interesting curios (Amstrad GX4000) and Japanese imports. This hobby sees me attending retro gaming events, particularly Replay Events' Play Expo. I've been an official photographer for the event since 2011 and helped out as a member of the RetroCollect crew. You can see some of my work via my Flickr photostream.

She's crafty

I also enjoy indulging my creative side offline, be it producing Hama bead pixel art, polymer clay figurines and jewellery, creating bespoke greeting cards for family and friends, crochet (albiet not much more than granny squares at the moment!), baking up some tasty treats or doodling in my sketchbook.